Tuesday, May 24, 2016

To Everyone at St. John's Getty Square: 
We cannot adequately express our appreciation for your wonderful support of the 2016 Justice for Farmworker March.  Our heartfelt apologies for the huge delay caused by overwhelming enthusiasm of supporters first at the gospel jazz at St. Stephen's in Marble Hill and then by our being enveloped by the Obreros Unidos on South Broadway on our way to Getty Square.  

Your help over the many weeks preparing for this event, from hanging the banner, to organizing food and drink, to the willingness to stay way past the service time in order to accommodate our group, were greatly appreciated and will be remembered always.  

A special thanks to parish administrator Jan Valentine, to George Morrison, to The Rev. Tony Hoeltzel and most of all to Carol Craft. You are terrific people with a beautiful and most amazing house of worship. It has been a privilege to work with you.     

With heartfelt appreciation from everyone on the march.

Celia Baldwin
RMM Volunteer and Day 8 " Day Captain"  

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