Thursday, March 16, 2017

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Birthdays: Tom Lollar, March 19, Tom Lake, March 19
The Sanctuary Lamp is lit in memory of Edna M. Longley on the fifth anniversary of her death by Jen Longley and in memory of Lilly Mae Wilson given by The Rev. Cn. Claudia Wilson.

Would you like to host Coffee Hour? This involves choosing a date and bringing refreshments. Please sign up at the sign up table outside the Guild Room. We have a team each week that can assist you with the details.

The Flowers (suggested $50 gift) and the Sanctuary Lamp (suggested $10 gift) can be given each week outside of Advent and Lent in memory of a loved one. You may sign up in the hall or call the parish office for more information. (914) 963-3033

Please hold in your prayers:

Elyse Gierlich, Candra Davis, Ival DeBride, Linda Brown, Samuel Akhtar, Bishop Catherine Roskam, Jan Thompson, Jay Moses, Donna Doyle, Thomas O’Connor, Ruth Tatham, Charon Kuash, Bruce Haley, Viola McKaig, Thomas Cacavio, Mary Owens, Betsy Meyers, Barbara Michel-Karsten, Rocco Cacciatore, June Parriott Kniffen, Richard Brown, Velma Crichton, Harold Cronk, Ruth Thomas, Waine Kniffen, Don Lundquist, Joe Walsh, Thomas and Joy Sullivan, Aida Carino, Phyllis Jackson, Peter Walsh, The Rev. Canon Claudia Wilson, Ken Kentish, Lawrence Gilkes, Brother Anthony Francis. We also pray for those who were involved in the apartment fire in Yonkers, the Jewish Community Centers that have been harassed and threatened this year and our President, our country and all immigrants.


Catherine Scott, Dr. Philip Roskam, Catherine “Kay” Odishoo, for the individual who was killed in the apartment fire in Yonkers, and all of those who have died in terrorist attacks, gun violence and natural disasters in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States.

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