Thursday, March 29, 2018

Intercessory Prayers

April Birthdays: Stephen Henderson, Jr., 5 April; Alicia Johnson, 8 April; Lati Smith, 15 April; Sharon Jones, 17 April; Robert Perez Nevins, 20 April; Edith Williams, 20 April; Wayne Kempton, 22 April; Helen Hutchinson, 22 April

We pray for those baptized on Easter Sunday, especially Aaden Browne and Orion Lesko; and we thank God for this neighborhood of Getty Square, for all who live and work here, for all who come here for goods and services, for those who are homeless and hungry, for the Sharing Community, Salvation Army, YWCA and the YMCA, the Yonkers Fire and Police Departments, and all who work to help others. We pray for healing for those who struggle with addictions, and physical and mental handicaps. May we be blessed with compassion and love, and may this Congregation be the hands and feet of Christ in Getty Square.

We hold in our prayers: Rayfilend Bethea, Nyla, the family of NY Firefighter Michael Davidson, Janice Soto, David Emerson, Angie Piwinski, Eric Woods, Len LaRosa, Marion Eich, Lily Basile, The Rt. Rev. Richard Grein, The Rev. Canon Blake Rider, Nancy Headley, Margaret Embree, Marie Baptiste, Victoria King, Melvin Davis, Aaron Cohen, Ruby Dixon, Monica Harmon, Chester Evans, Lynette Lewis, Vi & Ken McKay, Felix Benzan, Jeremiah Ortega, Hope Mackey, Bimla Sager, Trisha Spina, Beverly Sims, Clyde Mahoney, Lisa Osborne, Ralph Tremonte, Aida Carino, Jay Moses, Thomas O’Connor, Harold Cronk, Waine Kniffen, Don Lundquist, Peter Walsh, Wayne Kempton, and The Rev. Canon Claudia Wilson. We pray for tighter gun control, and for those injured by recent gun violence in Maryland, Alabama, Florida and California, and for our President, our country, our first responders, and all refugees and immigrants.

We pray for those who have died, including NY Firefighter Michael Davidson, The Rev. Adelaide Clark, The Rev. Laurence LeSeure, Gaetano Vasta, Sophie Piwinski, The Rev. Billy Graham, Nancy Pederson, Jason and Linda Emmanuel, and for all those the world over who have died from war, natural disasters, and gun violence, including Stephon Clark killed by police in Sacramento, and students killed in Maryland, Alabama and Florida.

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