Saturday, May 30, 2020

Prayers of the People

Prayers of the People for May 31, 2020

In this time of pandemic from COVID-19, we pray especially for all who are in danger by virtue of their labor, for all who have the virus or other related conditions and their family and friends, for healing for Carmen Hanchard (home from the hospital), Martha Wright (DeBride cousin), and Raul Chavez (who is home but still on oxygen), and for all who need our prayers including Lynette Lewis, Kelly Chadwick (stage 4 cancer), Aida Carino (home from the hospital), Westchester Medical Examiner Michael Sullivan and his wife Mary who is due on June 8th, Stevan Cavalier, Karen Marchewka, Deacon Luis Rivera, Bill Randolph, Lisa and Squire Osborne, Lara Pilla, Claudette Buffalo, John Gore, Lisa Ferguson, Shelly Henderson, Shaadira and Roland Smith, Wendy and Corey Maxwell, Cathi Venturini, Eileen Quinn, Carla Jean DeBride, Felix Benzan, Tom O’Connor, Ruby Dixon, Joan Smith and The Rev. Canon Claudia Wilson. We pray for Anthony Johnson, a Postulant for diaconal ordination, and for ALL who are working in hospitals, nursing and group homes, including Anthony, Elaine, Amy, Mary, Olivia and Ashley Marchewka, for all who have lost their jobs and all of those who are struggling to pay their rent and other expenses, for the Scavenging Workers’ Children in India, for our President, Congress, Governors, Mayors and our country that there may be justice and compassion in this difficult time, for our first responders, especially Aaron, and for our last responders including Michael, for our military, and for all refugees and immigrants, especially the children.  We pray also for all who are grieving the recent deaths of loved ones and friends, all who grieve the death of George Floyd and all who have been imprisoned or killed unjustly due to the color of their skin.

We thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on us and for those who celebrate birthdays this week including Monica Harmon and Donna Davis, we rejoice in the birth of Nathan Henderson Jr. and Mallory Williams, and we rejoice in those who are recovered from COVID-19.  We thank God for all who are graduating from universities, colleges and high schools this spring, with prayers for those who are still completing their studies.  We also thank God for this neighborhood of Getty Square, all who live and work here, all who come here for goods and services, those who are homeless and hungry and for The Sharing Community and Westhab, The Salvation Army, YWCA and the YMCA, the Yonkers Fire and Police Departments, and for Saint John's Riverside Hospital, Saint Joseph's Hospital, and for all hospitals, nursing homes and group homes, and for all who work to help others and for all who pray for others.  We thank you also for all of the families and children who are able to work and study at home, and we pray for their good health, the blessings of time together, and the gifts of family and friends.

We pray for the more than 100,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 including Hampson Sisler  (George Morrison's cousin and a substitute organist here at St. Johns), Milton Williams and Vicki Salvatore (friends of Val DeBride), Ralph Tremonte, and the 21 people who have died from the virus at Saint Luke's Episcopal Church in the Bronx, and for all who have died including George Floyd, Dennis Drap, The Rev. Rusty Hesse, Robert Walsh and James O'Neil, as well as those who have died the world over from disease, war, terrorism and natural disasters.

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